so, paris is the one place that i really get homesick for. i guess the only other place i could really get homesick for would be san luis obispo, and while there are things about it that i miss, i don’t get homesick. paris, however, is a whole different story. i get a pit in my stomach, and genuinely ache for it. it’s been far too long since i’ve been there. a lot of people like to look at pictures of paris and french things, and talk about it and reminisce about their time there. me, i avoid it like the plague. i don’t like to look at pictures (when i’m feeling homesick). i don’t like to talk about it, i don’t like to flip through my photographs. it makes me ache even more inside, and sink deeper into my little sad party. yes, i feel beyond fortunate to have lived there, but man do i miss it. i guess it goes along with it’s better to have loved and lost….?

my friend kelly is going soon, and while i’m jealous, i’m more happy that she gets to go–we were there together and i have some wonderful memories from that. i’m still trying to figure out what little something i want her to bring back for me =) oh yeah, kelly–i might have you bring something back for me…haha

anyway, when i was there i got addicted to the show star academy. it’s basically american idol, but more in depth. they all live in a house together and having singing lessons/practice, dance rehearsals, exercise time, etc. every week. then every weekend they have a live show (the “prime”) and eliminate someone. the show is on daily if my memory serves me correctly. i stumbled upon (err…i guess sought out) the website the other day and found a video of one of my favorite performances during the season i watched. you can see it on my tumblr, here.

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