mixology makeup

image courtesy of mixology makeup

i heard about mixology makeup on etsy through my friend natalie. she raved about the product (post here) and i looked into it but never ordered anything. never ordered anything, that is, until last week. i decided to order some samples after looking into mineral makeup further. i already use mineral foundation (bare minerals), but i did see some ingredients in bare minerals that i wasn’t thrilled with. it turns out mixology doesn’t use some of those ingredients, so i figured why not give it a try! i received my samples yesterday. i didn’t try the foundation yet (in the morning heading out the door isn’t the best time to try and find your foundation color) but i did try the eyeshadow and LOVED it! thanks to the ladies over at mixology! i can’t wait to give the foundation a try. i experienced pleasant correspondence (i wasn’t sure what foundation color samples to order) and quick turn-around on the shipment–i wouldn’t hesitate to order more products from them.

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