giveaway/belated birthday

well, it has come to my attention that i have missed my blog’s birthday. whoopsies! anyway, i realize that this is a perfect opportunity to have a giveaway! when i screen printed that shirt for brandon the other day, i had to test the printing first, and did so on a piece of grey fabric. after the print came out well, i thought hmph…this is too cute to just throw away! i decided to mount it on a canvas, and here is the result!
you, my blog followers, help me stay motivated to keep on making, so i’ve decided to give this little guy away as a thank you, if anyone is interested. he is on an 8×10 canvas which is 1 3/8″ deep. there is a cut in the canvas (it came that way–boo!) so there is one small air-bubble looking thing, but it’s very minor.

please email me at: if you would like this very first screen print to be yours! shipping is on me. if there is more than one person interested, i will use to randomly choose a name. i will choose a recipient by monday evening (feb. 16). to clarify, don’t feel bad if you know me–this isn’t necessarily intended for internet strangers (although i’m certainly not going to rule any out). i’ll let you in on a little secret–most of my blog readers are family and friends (and it’s a small community) so most of the people who see this are friends with me in real life as well. thanks for sticking with me through this year, and thanks for your comments! i love comments, so feel free to leave them often.

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