glorious saturday

saturday morning started off with a lovely friend date at the de young with one of my oldest, nearest and dearest friends. we have been attempting to see the yves saint laurent exhibit at the museum and finally got around to it. we started out with a long chat at the cafe, and then we wandered through the many pieces in the ysl collection–it was amazing! it was a perfect saturday morning. i hope to have these dates much more frequently!
if you can’t tell, the rain went into hiding for the day.
after the de young, i went home for a few hours and then headed back out for a dinner party with some other friends. we cooked a delicious meal, but afterward brandon and i were exhausted and we had to get up early today so we decided to head back home. on the way, we passed city hall which was feeling a little green, apparently.
i guess many of the monuments around the city have been lit up with green lights in celebration of the arrival of the play wicked.

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