bad cat behavior, ep.4

stuart has a strange habit of locking himself in rooms. our apartment building is old, and doors don’t really shut properly, but they stick once they’re partially closed. stu enjoys going on his hind legs, putting his paws on the door aaaaaand shut. he’s done it when i’m in the room even. lately, he’s begun doing it more and more frequently. sometimes he locks ben in the room too, mostly he just locks himself–brandon jokes that he does it on purpose to get away from ben. regardless, it’s strange.

yesterday i came home to this:
bad cat behavior, ep. 4
a closed door. that can only mean one thing.
bad cat behavior, ep. 4
yup, he was at it again. even turned over the trash can (he likes doing that too). this time, he went as far as pulling down the hand towels. when i picked them up they were warm–someone must have been napping on them!

ben decided to check out stuart’s damage…
bad cat behavior, ep. 4

***update. when brandon came home yesterday, stuart had shut himself AND ben in the bathroom. i’m sure ben was not happy with his brother…***

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