hold me closer, cat dancer

last weekend we bought the kitties cat dancer, an incredibly simple but addictive toy. it is absolutely like a drug for these two…they’ll cry and follow you around and do all their naughty behavior until we play cat dancer with them. the first few days they’d play until they pant, but unfortunately we’ve played so much that i think they’ve built up stamina, which makes tiring them out even more difficult. i’ve found myself in trouble because i’ll stop paying attention to where i’m dangling the toy and i suddenly have a cat lunging at me…whoopsies. i snapped some pictures of them playing with cat dancer the other day to give a taste of their excitement.

that’s ben in the air, stu in the bed (typical)
cat dancer_1
again, ben jumping, stu watching
cat dancer_2
ben contemplating his attack
cat dancer_4
and stu this time, ready for his attack
cat dancer_5

2 thoughts on “hold me closer, cat dancer

  1. Ah, the Cat Dancer. My cat loved his but I stopped playing that with him after I left it for a couple of minutes and came back to a cat who had the wire down his throat, gagging, and zipping around the room, freaking out. Scary, scary incident. It's a fun toy but I will never leave any cats along with it ever again. Just a warning so Stu & Ben don't go through the same horrible experience 🙂

  2. helen–thanks for the warning! we don’t leave the cats with it because i was afraid they’d destroy it (i’ve already crumpled up new paper to put on the end) but that is a much more valid reason. no leaving unattended kitties with cat dancer!

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