creepy [cont’d]

***update 1. contact attempted, but no one was home. left a note on their door.***

soooooo, the mirror was flipped again this morning. i’ve determined it HAS to be either neighbor across the hall or a visitor to neighbor across the hall. regardless, i’m going to inquire tonight if they have been flipping the mirror, or if they have had a guest possibly flipping it on their way out of the building. honestly, if i know WHO is flipping it, i don’t mind–they can flip as often as they please. until then, however, the flipping is freaking me out. if it’s a prank, fine. if the mirror freaks YOU out, fine. i’ll find some fun pretty paper to cover it and we’ll call it a day. if it is the creeps-out-the-neighbor factor, however, why wouldn’t you just say something to us? obviously we’re just going to keep turning it back. it’s been suggested that i leave it and see if someone then flips it back, but i’m too much of a wuss to do that. some signs i’m tempted to put up:
“i’m a mirror. i see you. please stop flipping me.”
“if you can see me, i can see you. please don’t turn me over.”
“please don’t turn me over, the wall isn’t very fun to look at.”
“would you like it if i kept turning YOU over? please stop turning me around.”
“what you don’t realize is that i am actually a hidden camera. i know who you are. please stop messing with me.”
“i’m sorry you don’t like to see yourself in the mirror, but it’s not my fault that you’re scary looking. please don’t turn me around.”

anyway, hopefully the mystery will be unveiled and i’ll have an update later tonight…

2 thoughts on “creepy [cont’d]

  1. That is really weird. It would bother me a lot. I think it’s something about it being a mirror. If it were some other thing, like someone kept moving a plant you had sitting there, it would be annoying, but it wouldn’t be creepy.

    But someone flipping over a mirror, especially when it takes so much effort in this case, that’s creepy.

  2. that’s exactly it–mirrors kind of have something creepy about them to begin with (let’s think of all the scary movie scenes with mirrors). i hope this gets resolved soon–i won’t even turn it back over because i’m afraid–i make the husband do that.

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