creepy mccreeperson

so last night i heard noise outside our apartment, but without fail if someone’s at the door the cats at least perk up and usually run to the door if someone’s there. there is a dresser outside our door, which was there before we moved in, so it’s been adopted as a perch for some plants, etc. by us. it’s one of those old fashioned ones with an oval mirror that can rotate attached to it, and this morning when i went outside, the mirror was flipped (so the mirror was facing the wall). in order to accomplish this either the dresser had to be moved out, the mirror rotated and dresser moved back (which means everything on the dresser would have to be moved to clear space for the rotation) OR someone removed the mirror, flipped it, and put it back.

regardless of how the rotation was achieved, i’m creeped out big time. there’s only one other (quiet) neighbor on our floor, and we’re on the top so unless you’re on your way to us, you don’t pass our apartment. our building is pretty quiet, not a lot of parties, no strange pranks…we are the last people to move into the building and we’ve been there over a year, so it’s not like there’s a crazy new neighbor.

so creepy.

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