happy new year!

happy new year, everyone! we got back from portland last night and ended up just hanging out at hom with the kitties because brandon is getting sick with whatever the nasty thing going around is, and we didn’t want to spread it or get brandon more sick.

anyway, i’m not huge into new year’s resolutions, but i do like to reflect on the previous year and set some goals for myself. for me i’ve summed up my resolution to this:

i will stop being so lazy.

this is all-encompassing–physically, mentally and socially lazy. some of my top priorities for the year: exercise (i’d like to run at least one half marathon this year), start my etsy account (finally…name is STILL holding me up), and being taking my architectural exams. i’d also like to be more conscious about saving so brandon and i can afford our next step…we must determine/agree on what that next step is, but we at least know we can’t do anything until we save. there are so many small ways that i can apply this to my daily life, and i hope i can continue to stay motivated throughout the year. perhaps i’ll have to make myself a little reminder sign.

one thing is certain–i’ve enjoyed blogging over this past year, and i look forward to another year of posts, pictures, and projects to share with everyone! happy new year, and welcome 2009!

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