christmas 2008

this christmas was very exciting for our family since it was claire’s first. yes, we realize she won’t remember it, but it was fun nonetheless. my poor sister was sick, but the bright side was it meant i get to hold the baby so that we could minimize the risk of jen passing it on to the baby. the festivities began on christmas eve, for our traditional celebration with my mom’s side of the family
the car ride to grandma’s (well, MY grandma…claire’s great-grandma)

cousin jason & claire
christmas carols

brandon and i spent the night at my parent’s house, and then spent most of christmas day with the family, including my dad’s side.
it has just been brought to my attention that my whole family is wearing red–we all have christmas pj’s that we wear for christmas morning. i realize that 99% of my photos are of claire, but only in like two locations. this was because the rest of the time i was holding claire, which meant i couldn’t take pictures of other people OR of claire throughout the day. oh well…i did snap this one of the boys playing wii


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