the great christmas tree caper

last night after the pictures in my previous post, i started filming the cats because stuart was being extremely psycho. here is what happened–and why i have a fake tree and no ornaments…enjoy (there is sound, too)!

**music is “snake” by frightened rabbit

7 thoughts on “the great christmas tree caper

  1. OMG freaking hilarious!!! ok, maybe not for you the moment it happened…or maybe. but wow!!!! no, i don’t have to deal with that everyday but at least you’re entertained?!

    btw, what application did you use to make that video?

  2. Hehehe……thats hilarious!! Ben and Stewart should still meet Abbie, I think that they would all get along. All 3 little devils together in one room……now that would be a sight to see.

  3. Just love it! My cats get psycho like that whenever I put a blanket on the wood floor. Just someting about the slippity-slide action, I guess. Thanks for sharing! And Merry Christmas to ALL of you.

  4. Before I got my Christmas tree I was worried my 4 month old kitten would terrorize it. I’m surprised the bitter apple spray didn’t work for you. Once I sprayed my tree, Zeus stopped trying to eat my tree but continued to drag the garland off it. 😡

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