o christmas tree…

it seems to be a trend to have a little christmas tree problem…first came my friend natalie’s post cwistmas twee, oh cwistmas twee, and now i have a little post of my own…

it all started on saturday. my sister gave me her old tree because she and josh got a new one. since it is fake, i thought that maybe, juuuuust maybe i’d be able to set it up in the apartment. not even 10 seconds out of the box, stuart was gnawing on it. i put the tree in the bedroom, shut the door, and marched right down to the pet store to purchase some bitter spray for the tree, and pick up something to prevent the cats from chewing our electrical cords while i was at it. i explained my dilemma to the man at the pet store, he recommended some things, and i brought them home, excited at the prospect of having a tree. i doused the tree, spread the cord gel on the lights cord, and then opened the door to let the cats in. stuart goes right over, begins chewing the tree again and the proceeds to LICK THE CORDS WHERE I PUT THE GEL. lick it. at that point i decided that i was going to give up–perhaps if we ignore them and the tree, they’ll follow suit.

this approach actually pretty much worked. there were a couple times i had to move stu, but mostly he left the tree alone and everything seemed fine…until tonight.

tonight i walked in the apartment and, well, things didn’t look right. first, i saw this:
this was my “tree skirt” fashioned from an old red sheet i have. anyone notice something missing? namely the tree for the skirt to cover? i then walked a few steps further to see this:
the tree was in a separate room…about 8′ away from where the tree SHOULD be. also in the mix was a pair of little penguin speakers i have (you can see one–it’s that black ball at the base of the tree). brandon and i are absolutely mystified at how these cats got the tree there…it makes no sense. i REALLY need a kitty cam…

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