laundry time

so laundry is arguably one of our (i say our–brandon does 95% of the laundry work) least favorite tasks…we have to haul laundry down 3 flights of stairs, across the street to the laundromat that may or may not be packed (even if you check first, a swarm of people can appear in the time it takes to get the laundry there). the cats, however, enjoy laundry time probably as much as i dislike it. as soon as they hear the laundry baskets hit the ground, they come running and immediately dive in

stuart, for some reason, has also developed a love for jumping into the empty hamper. i think he loves the enclosed space, but he can’t really get out once he’s in.
there have been times where, on the night after we finish laundry, we have to take the hamper out of the room because stu wont’ stop going in, and i just don’t feel like waking up to meows because he can’t get out, or because ben is attacking him from outside the hamper (plus if ben gets in, he can get out)

the other issue we face is putting the sheets on the bed. stuart loves this process SO MUCH that normally i have to shut him out of the room or else he just plays and attacks the sheets and makes it impossible to put them on the bed. what a goofball.

here is more evidence of their love of laundry time, way back from march after their little “surgery”


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