brandon’s diy weekend

so, our apartment building has developed an unfortunate habit–instead of walking the extra 10′ out the front door, when someone has a small, unwanted piece of furniture they just leave it in our lobby. about a week or so ago, someone left yet another piece of furniture–but this one had some potential. it was a small metal table with a drawer. at first brandon and i were venting about the furniture pile-up in our lobby, but then we had a second thought–wait a minute, we sort of like this semi-junky piece of furniture. it had nice lines, and since it was metal it would be MUCH easier to paint (no wood to sand). brandon decided to tackle at least phase 1, and so here are the results so far.

the before:
and the after, so far

i say “so far” because we originally wanted to put a decal on the dresser, but unfortunately it wouldn’t stick to the painted metal. my new idea is to make a fun design using contact paper sort of as a decal…updates to come. thanks to brandon for taking this on!

2 thoughts on “brandon’s diy weekend

  1. We have a small metal stainless steel medical table, also a sweet find. Ours unfortunately has become the quintessential junk drawer that holds keys, mail, maps, change, trash, bus passes, (someone else’s) old makeup. matches, pens.. items of which have become the source of much mischief between the girls as they constantly get into the drawer. I just moved it out into the entry way until I can find a solution to the keys (the girls keep setting the car alarm off, as there is this enticing little red button labeled ‘panic’ they can’t seem to stop pressing). It has been such a handy piece of furniture, though!

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