cat behavior

our cats, as i’m sure you have gathered from previous posts, are quite energetic/naughty/loving/crazy. yes, they are young and they will supposedly slow down with time (i have read that bengals tend to retain their kitten energy longer), but for now, they never cease to amuse. lately we have noticed a trend in our apartment–whenever i come home, the bathroom door is almost shut and the garbage in the bathroom is knocked over. i discovered this culprit is stuart when knocked the trash over 3 times consecutively one morning while i was getting ready for work. it amazes me that they really have distinct tendencies/personalities. for example:

nicknames over time (related to behavior): speedy, houdini
favorite toys: green knitted fish, chasing jingle balls
unique behavior: biting electrical cords for attention (as in he bites and then looks at you like hey, you gonna do something?), getting on EVERY surface in our apartment somehow (as in he has left no surface undiscovered, high and low), making superhuman (well, supercat i guess) leaps from one room to the next by launching off a piece of furniture, popping open our closet door at least once a day just because he can, coming when he is called, occasionally fetching his jingle balls repeatedly, ridiculous balance/coordination/athleticism

nicknames: fuzzy, class clown, goober
favorite toys: blue sardine fishy, champagne cages
unique behavior: running into the kitchen and rolling on his back, squawking when he hears plates clatter (only when brandon is making the noise though), nosing our wine glasses, sleeping by my head on his back with his paw on my face, responding when you address him, darting out into our apartment building hallway (and then of course doing nothing), knocking over the bathroom trash, flopping on every surface he can reach and sprawling out, closing himself in rooms (i have come home from work multiple times to find he shut himself in our bedroom…he leans on the back of the doors until they shut, and then cries once he realizes he can’t get out), overall being just slightly more clumsy

i could go on and on, but that is just a taste of what we deal with on a daily basis…

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