gift spotlight

(logo courtesy of paste shirts)

as i mentioned previously, i said that if i got my act together, i’d like to highlight some people who are making some great products that would make nice gifts for that special someone. somehow, in my crazy mind map, that led me to remember that i never showcased the shirt brandon bought in new york…whoopsies! so, what a perfect opportunity to show the shirt AND highlight someone who is making some really great stuff. to give a little background, while brandon and i were in new york, we stopped into this random little wholesale trade show for young artists in soho. we decided to stop in on a whim because brandon wanted to look at t-shirts. we stopped at a booth that had a shirt that caught both of our eyes–it was a silkscreened shirt of abe lincoln as a pirate. we had a conversation with the guy that makes the shirts (i am assuming it is jason of paste shirts) who told us that it started out as abe lincon as george michael, but something just didn’t look right. in the process of removing abe/george’s aviators, he moved one lens out of the way and looked and had one of those “of COURSE!” moments–and pirate abe was born. to view the shirt and others, visit paste shirts online shop. there are mens and womens shirts available. you can also visit the accompanying blog, called cup copy paste.

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