thanksgiving weekend [concluded]

the rest of our thanksgiving was lovely and low-key. friday we did indeed go to powell’s books, where i did a little damage, but not TOO much. i have come to conclude that powell’s is pretty much the greatest bookstore ever. after that we went back home to hang out and relax and have a quiet evening in. on saturday we visited, did some measurements for a potential remodel of brandon’s parents’ kitchen/living room/dining room area, watched some of the civil war game (oregon vs. oregon state) up until we had to leave to go see a play that we had purchased tickets for the previous day. brandon’s parents stumbled upon the theater and waited for us there while we were in powell’s–they thought we would be interested in the building and they were correct! it is a leed platinum building, an old armory converted into a theater. the play, coincidentally, was about r. buckminster fuller (aka bucky fuller). it was monologue style, sort of telling the story of his own life and his way of thinking and it was absolutely fascinating–i highly recommend it to anyone in the portland area. it was captivating, had a clever use of media, and i have definitely spent some time thinking back on what was said and how it impacts me and my own thinking.
also in portland, pinky and chewy (they were kept separate from our cats while we were there)
the ride home went even more smoothly than the ride there–less traffic and less feline distress…stuart seemed more settled this time, and the cats slept on my lap most of the ride home…

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