cat update

as i think i’ve mentioned in the past, sometimes i feel like i have dogs instead of cats. we can’t leave them alone for days like you’re supposed to be able to do with cats, they come when they are called, occasionally play fetch, and they follow us around, and as i’ve also mentioned in the past, they BITE the furniture–not claw at it, but bite. ben was biting his bed the other day and, um, dragging it around the dining room.
stuart, on the other hand loves champagne/sparkling wine cages almost as much as i love the beverage itself, which means we make a great pair. he can play for hours with the cage. i tried to get a picture of him carrying it around in his mouth, but he was trotting too quickly for me, which is actually quite impressive–stu is not really a quick one.
these cats really are ridiculous…

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