ny [day four]

on tuesday, brandon and i spent most of the day just wandering around the village/chelsea/meatpacking. our morning started out at the grey dog’s cafe, where we settled into a cozy cafe for some coffee, food, and a crossword puzzle.

the grey dog's cafe
after we filled up, we began our wandering. for some reason i was really caught by signs/notices/logos…
the bottom left sign reads: “sanitation: this vehicle violates n.y.c. parking regulations. as a result, this street could not properly be cleaned. a cleaner new york is up to you!”
cute sign
i liked their logo
we enjoyed the beautiful sunshine and brisk air and meandered through the cozy streets
somewhere in the village
somewhere along the way i stumbled (not literally) upon this
random shoe on a cinder block
yeah, i have no idea either.

we walked a ton, ended up back at the hotel for a little rest, and then worked up our energy to head back out for our drink at morimoto. after morimoto we went to the world trade center site and then over to the brooklyn bridge for a stroll. in the interest of my feet not falling off completely (by this point our feet were thrashed) we only walked halfway. after all, the bridge is pretty symmetrical, right?

the rest of our day in photos…
apartment building
somehere in the meatpacking district
porter house, SHoP architects
does this look like lite brite to anyone else besides me?
7 world trade center
near ground zero
brooklyn bridge
brooklyn bridge
brooklyn bridge
brooklyn bridge
brooklyn bridge
brooklyn bridge

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