ny [day 3]

monday, beginning with coffee at joe, was the day of p.s.1, some random site-seeing, celebrity sightings, dinner at brasserie, and some photos at grand central station. all in all, a busy and extremely fun day. at p.s.1, there was a really great installation called “swimming pool,” and also a great installation by olafur eliasson. they were taking down p.f.1 (public farm 1), but it was still cool to see the structure.

first, some beautiful latte art at joe’s. i really would like to learn to do this…good party trick….if you’re having a coffee party i guess…

latte art
at p.s.1
p.f.1 @ p.s.1
p.f.1 @ p.s.1
swimming pool, photo courtesy of brandon
art installation
the olafur eliasson
olafur eliasson installation, p.s.1.
fall leaves
fall leaves
cancer center by SOM
sloan-kettering memorial cancer center
view at dusk from our hotel room
view from our room
view at sunset
view from our room
grand central station at night
grand central station
standing still
grand central station
seagram building
seagram building
at brasserie brandon and i enjoyed an amazing anniversary dinner. the space was beautiful, and we had a long, relaxing and romantic meal.
skating rink at bryant park
bryant park skating rink

brandon and i had such an amazing day, especially with our fantastic dinner. oh! i almost forgot abut our celebrity sighting. so, we had some time to kill before our dinner reservations and we decided to walk over to the moma to check out the home store. when we arrived, the home store was closed, and we noticed some barricades with a bunch of, a red carpet, and men at the entrance to the moma dressed in beige trench coats. we wait a moment to see what’s going on, and pretty soon hugh jackman hops out of a limo. i did take some pictures, but because it was dark and we were across the street, they all turned out blurry and you can’t tell who it is. next rachel weisz came, and then anna wintour. at that point we had to leave, but apparently jessica biel was the only other big celebrity that showed up. we thought it might be some promotional event for the movie australia, but it was an event honoring baz luhrmann.

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