hello from new york! brandon and i are exhausted but extremely happy to be here in nyc–i absolutely love being here, even with the pouring rain we got caught in earlier. i’m going to try and blog at least a few times while we’re here, to tell a sort of story about our trip. so, beginning with friday night…

sculpture at the airport–right up my alley. i loved the industrial material used to make something whimsical and slightly girly, especially against the cheery painted wall.
airport sculpture
eating dinner/having a drink at the airport
waiting at the airport
our airplane
virgin america
sunrise, somewhere over the u.s.
virgin america
fall colors and rain in cnetral park
central park
american folk art museum
american folk art museum
“it’s like you took the giant christmas tree
at rockefeller center and
you spread it paper thin
but you were careful not to break a bulb
and then you mirrored it a million fold
to shine
and shine
and shine along”
those lyrics were going through my head non-stop
rockefeller center
ny public library
public library
empire state building
empire state building
tree huts, madison square park
tree huts @ madison square park
pulse park at madison square park
pulse park, madison square park
room service dessert

all in all we had a great day…we did a lot of walking and really enjoyed getting out and seeing the city (especially after the rain stopped). i’m looking forward to tomorrow, especially with the bk/conor oberst concert tomorrow night!

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