ny [day two]

day two in new york–lots of wandering, including a trip through soho, a few stops at some buildings by famous architects, a random stop in a wholesale market event (brandon got a shirt, will include a picture later), over to the new museum, and then of course, the event that sparked the entire trip, the ben kweller/conor oberst and the mystic valley band concert. the sun came out for us (which also meant the cold came out for us), and we had a great day exploring the streets of new york.

tree huts during the day
window washer, herzog & de meuron apartment building
herzog & de meuron apartment building
herzog de meuron housing
random graffiti
apartment building, SHoP architects
housing by shop architects
gate in soho
view from the new museum
corner in soho
brandon in soho
“stranded at bleecker and broadway
looking for something to do”
-myriad harbour, the new pornagraphers
broadway & bleecker
ben kweller
ben kweller
the reason we are even in new york, this very moment–to see ben kweller and conor oberst on stage together
bk & conor

i can’t tell you how excited i was to see them play together–i mean, yes, the trip STARTED with this idea to go to this concert and then blossomed into a lot more, but this very moment (in the photo above)…seeing and hearing them play…that is why i wanted to see this concert. i was SO giddy when i saw bk on the side of the stage with his guitar, getting ready to come on…it was a perfect moment.

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