rainy weekend

this weekend was a perfect time to get cozy and relax. saturday was mostly spent indoors hanging out with brandon until the evening when we ventured out to the sunset to have a carpet picnic with chris and sara. the ride out there was steamy (literally). gotta love taking public transit on rainy days!

waiting for the n at van ness station (this one was going the wrong direction)
n judah
sara, frosting her cupcake. she takes her frosting very seriously.

sunday morning started out with some confusion–i thought our phones would auto update–turns out they don’t if auto update is turned off. after we got the time figured out, brandon headed into work and i stuck around to do some cleaning.

some shenanigans while i cleaned

after that i went to sugar cafe to have some coffee and take some time to look over my voting information (for the record, san francisco has props a-u) and make my decisions. after some browsing downtown, i went back home to work on my scarf that i’m trying to finish for friday. at one point, i looked over and saw this

of course i couldn’t resist a closer look
ben and stu

later in the evening (during dinner), stu decided to be a goofball. we have a clothespin hanging in a doorway (not exactly sure why) and occasionally the boys like to get on their shelves and play with it–from the dining room all you can see is a little head and paw…it’s quite cute


and that pretty much sums up my weekend…pretty uneventful, but relaxing. this week is going to be pretty crazy between long hours at work and preparations for new york. anyone have any restaurant suggestions for the big apple? we’d like to have at least one nicer dinner…architectural restaurants are of special interest…something in the vein of morimoto or brasserie…if you have any thoughts, drop and email or leave a comment!

2 thoughts on “rainy weekend

  1. Hey miss Brianne… A quick suggestion for a restaraunt in NYC is the Spice Market in the meat packing district. Even if you can’t fit it in for dinner it would be worth checking it out and grabbin a drink. Hope all is well and have a great trip! Tara and Mary

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