halloween pumpkins/punkins

earlier this week while searching for some inspiration, i came across a pattern on martha stewart’s website for these adorable felt booties. while i didn’t have any fancy, nice wool felt on hand, i did have some orange scraps from my cat-proof(ish) cord charger. this got me thinking…the plan was to spend halloween with claire, and what could be more perfect than some little orange booties? the best part about the pattern is that you make the bootie to fit the foot exactly–you measure the baby’s foot and scale the pattern accordingly. josh must have loved that phonecall.

me: “hey josh…can you measure your daughter’s foot?”
josh: “uh….okay…”
me: “i’m making something”
josh: “okay, hold on…[in the background i hear josh saying that he needs to measure claire’s foot]
“it’s 3-3/16″ from heel to big toe”
me: “thanks! see you tomorrow”
after that i scaled the pattern according to the directions, did a bit of hand sewing and ended up with these:

jack-o-lantern booties
jack-o-lantern booties

little jack-o-lantern shoes (shown next to my cell phone for scale)! they are so teeny and cute, and they fit claire. it was SO adorable. unfortunately (well, sort of) i was busy holding her so i didn’t snap any pictures of the shoes ON her feet, but other people got some so i will be sure to post that when i can.

tonight was spent at jen and josh’s, where my parents met us and my mom cooked dinner for everyone. it was very nice and low-key. claire had been fussy but we did make a discovery–she stopped fussing when we were putting the shoes on her and taking pictures. she is a shoe girl already.

not the best picture, but i wanted to show her little jumper, which said “my first halloween, don’t scare me!”
claire's halloween

our low-key night did not continue onto our bart ride–it was rowdy with the halloween crowd. it was funny to see people’s reactions to some of the costume, especially the man who had fallen asleep and woke up to a girl dressed like a peacock looming over him–he was quite surprised. nothing else really exciting for brandon and i…we just stayed in with the cats. we’re hoping that we’ll get more rest than last night–ben decided to treat the bedroom like a racetrack and take laps around the room–laps which included running across our heads…literally…on our heads…and after the laps were over the boys decided to play “attack the pictures on the wall.” awesome.

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