happy anniversary [to us]

how quickly a year goes! one year ago today this was taking place

wedding 2
wedding 1
*wedding photos courtesy of edyta szyszlo photography*

honestly, thank you to everyone who has been involved in our lives and supported us through our relationship and helped out with the wedding. it truly has been an amazing (and fast) year for us–we have grown so much individually and as a couple and we have had a wonderful time in the process.

because we are going to new york, we decided to do a more low-key anniversary celebration. instead of a fancy dinner out, we opted for a drink at the top of the mark, which is a place where we have celebrated multiple occasions, including our engagement. the sunset was beautiful with the fog rolling in…

brandon sipped a glass of red wine while i enjoyed a french 75

i gave brandon a card and an unfinished surprise at home (i’ll get to that in a moment) and brandon re-wrote/renewed his vows to me, this time going for a little bit of playful/fun/silly-but-sweet verse (yes, i cried for those who are wondering). here is an excerpt of his gift


my gift-in-progress is a collage of sorts. i tend to collect tickets from events/concerts/shows/sports events/movies, etc. and stash them in an album. i decided to actually do something with them by collaging them on a canvas and then white-washing over to make it a little more abstract/neutral. next i plan to transfer some quotes from songs that have special meaning to us (we love exchanging song lyrics). here are some pictures of the collage in it’s current state


on the collage? i’m actually sort of proud–it really is packed with sentimental value…including a ticket to the concert we went to the night before we got engaged, a phone card used to call him when i was in france, and the ticket stub from the movie we went to in paris. i’ll keep you posted on its progress…for now, i’m off the computer to spend time with the husband!

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