reservoir run and breakfast

this morning was the annual lafayette reservoir run. two years ago brandon, josh, jen and i ran the 5k and the plan this year was for the boys to run it and the girls (claire included) to walk it. due to bart not running until arond 8:15am on sundays, we had to alter our plan–josh ran the 5k and then the five of us walked the two mile fun run (they don’t let dogs in the 5k anyway, and we had lola with us). it was a nice, relaxing time for us to chat and get a little exercise and i got to hold claire in the moby
claire in the moby

brandon and lola

after our walk, we went to benicia to have breakfast with the family. claire got to meet her great-aunt, great-uncle and second cousin, as well as spend time with her great-grandmothers. and yes jessi, i let other people hold the baby (just not for too long)
aunt karen, uncle jody and claire
gg and claire
it’s been so fun to spend the time with josh and jen and claire. i’m sure that she’s just mistaking me for jen, but it’s been cute to see claire respond to my voice (my sister and i sound very much the same, but i like to pretend she knows it’s her auntie b). she has been turning her head to me if i am nearby and talking, and she also seems very relaxed with me (although i have yet to see her get worked up with anyone in particular…she’s a pretty relaxed baby). i can’t wait until my next visit!

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