one hundred


well, this is officially my one hundredth post! this blog began almost ten months ago, and looking back i’m happy to say that it has accomplished what i had hoped–this blog has motivated me to do things i enjoy (crafty things), pursue my interest in photography, and get into/keep in contact with friends and family. thank you to all of you readers–those who follow this blog, and also those who just happen upon it and take a moment to peruse! your readership and comments motivate me to keep on truckin’.

this year has been an exciting one in my family, with the two biggest events being my marriage with brandon and the arrival of claire. being married has been such a blessing and a source of happiness for me–every day i am consciously appreciative of brandon. i guess i should save some of this mushiness for our anniversary. for now it’s sufficient to say that i am thrilled that we are married. also a major blessing was the pregnancy and birth of claire–jen was so healthy through the entire pregnancy, and gave birth to a perfect baby girl. she has already brought our family so much joy, at only a week old. i have loved every minute of sister-sister time that the wedding and pregnancy has facilitated, and i look forward to the time to come.

some goals for the next few months…to finally start my etsy account with my sister, to begin taking my architecture exams, and to practice my hobbies in order to get better at them. i also am looking forward to lots and lots of quality time with my niece!

anyway, this is the point where i’d love some feedback if anyone has some to give–what do you enjoy? what do you wish there was more of? is there anything you wish i blogged about on here that i currently don’t? do you wish i wrote more? less? more photos? too many photos? if you have suggestions, would like to tell me what you enjoy, whatever, feel free to comment here or drop me an email at minimarsh6[at]gmail[dot]com.

thanks again for taking the time to stop by!

3 thoughts on “one hundred

  1. Congratulations on 100! I wish I was half as consistent, interesting, and in tough as you have been this year. Maybe with the house nearly done and inspiration on the way maybe I’ll be a little better. Anyway, keep up the good work!

  2. Yay Brieanne! 100 posts that is so awesome. My feedback, more photos and crafty endeavors. Where you find the websites you do, I’ll never know but I love the ideas you come up with. Keep it up!

  3. i’ve loved reading about your daily life…you’ve been my home away from home while in chicago. your photos are strong and you have fun content, you can’t beat that for a blog! i love seeing your craft projects, kitty photos and more craft projects 🙂 but i’m a sucker for anything crafty. can’t wait for the etsy site!

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