cozy sunday

today started out with some delicious brunch at zazie with some friends from high school. it was great–laid back, relaxing, and right next to a heat lamp.
we really enjoyed catching up for a lazy sunday morning. after brunch i went into work for a bit and then went home to do some crafting. i had seen an idea for a cord organizer in readymade magazine using an ikea organizer and decided it was a must for our household–the cats chew on cords like they’re full of catnip, so this would be a perfect way to help keep them out of sight. i think it’s going to work out very well for us…

stu, testing it out while i put the felt in the drawers
basically the premise is that you have a drawer and feed the cords through the back (you don’t put the back on the drawer unit). you then put your phone, ipod, whatever in the drawer while it’s charging–this way you always know where the cord is and i don’t have to worry about my cats gnawing through my phone cord while it’s charging. we decided to move the bottom drawer and use that as a docking station for the laptop, and create a new use for the drawer. also accomplished this weekend? one of two baby booties for a special someone…i need to test them out on claire this week to see if they work…
and a few pictures of what was happening while i was trying to work…

One thought on “cozy sunday

  1. i love zazie! it was in our old hood, mmmm stuffed french toast.

    and of course i can’t say enough…how freaking cute are your kitty photos!

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