pumpkin patch

today brandon and i got to go to the pumpkin patch with jen, josh, claire, and josh’s parents. i was really excited to be invited–the thought of the punkin at the pumpkin patch was almost too much for me to handle. although claire didn’t seem overly impressed with her trip to the patch (she slept through most of it), we did at least take some pictures.

i also got to see her in the nursery, which was exciting for me. i’m pleased with the overall ambiance–it’s relaxing and refreshing in there. on the way back into the city, brandon and i stopped at pearl, a craft store on market, and i discovered a new floor with all sorts of goodies, like embroidery thread and knitting needles! this could definitely be dangerous…

anyway, some pictures from today…

in the car
tired little guy
aunt b and claire
hanging with mom
hanging out
and remember bunny?
bunny and claire
big yawn
can you tell i like baby yawns?
jen and lola
jen and beans

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