claire update

*additional update: just got news that mom, dad and baby are at home! hopefully jen will be able to rest a little bit now…*

last night i took over for josh on the night shift with jen, so new dad could get some sleep before mom and muffin (i’ve been calling her muffin) come home today. what a sweet little muffin she is! she was being a little bit of a fussypants last night (hence no photos from my time there) but she and i did get some quality snuggle time. i just cannot get over how precious she is! i also cannot get over how you go through this process and then suddenly there is a little human and he/she is yours. such an amazing miracle! i kept looking at claire last night and then turning to my sister and saying “um, this little one is yours, by the way.” i can definitely see how becoming a new parent is WAY overwhelming. i think it was a really good idea to see some labor and a glimpse of the first few days before having children (yes, i still want kids after this).

she has lost a little weight, but i hear that’s pretty typical for newborns. mom and dad are exhausted, but they’re getting through it! jen is really looking forward to being in her own home today, so that will be nice. i’m excited to take pictures of the little muffin in her nursery (although she won’t really be in there too much yet). last night we set a little routine of jen feeding her, then i’d burp her and soothe her and try and get her to sleep. we attempted to watch monsters, inc. (it was at least on in the background), and then after that we put on some nice soothing music (thank you kings of convenience, iron & wine, coldplay, and a few others!). i really enjoyed my sister/niece time, and i look forward to next visit with claire, when i can take some pictures!

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