busy weekend

well, this weekend was a busy weekend at our household. well, i’m not sure about busy, but i did a lot. first i made a cushion for the cats to put on their window perch that they love (previously they had a blanket over some old pillows–it just didn’t work well or look good). my creation isn’t perfect, but it works and the cats have been using it. i got some brown fabric and, since i don’t have a sewing machine, i temporarily used iron-on stitching, which has been holding up so far. i made it to be removable so that we can wash it, and then i embroidered a little something on it.

me attempting to measure my fabric (yes, i realize that i am not using a proper sewing measuring tool)
stu hanging out
the punkin pad

also taking place this weekend? the blue angels. we decided to go on our roof to watch whatever of the show we could see, which turned out to be quite a bit. the planes flew directly over us, which was really LOUD as you could imagine. the precision of the planes was absolutely unbelievable–i just cannot imagine the training that goes into a feat like that. it was nice to sit up there on a sunny day and have a glass of wine.


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