so, this coming friday is what i have dubbed [kitty] founders day–it is exactly one year from when my brother-in-law found my cats (well, they weren’t my cats at the time) at about 3 weeks old, in a creek bed, in a pile of trash under a mattress. they have come a long…loooong way from their days of barely being able to stand up and having to eat from a bottle. since they completely comprehend this anniversary that is approaching, i knew they’d be disappointed if i did not do something special for them (read: i am a complete goober and thought it’d be fun to celebrate, even though it’s just another spoiled day for the cats).

in preparation for this friday, i decided to make some cat toys for them. i started last night, but bought a key ingredient on the way home from work today so i could finish up what i had started.


the cats just smelled it on the paper that was stapled to this catnip and went nuts…just wait till they get their new toys–although i’m hoping they can smell it amidst the stuffing. at first i went searching around online for some cute cay toy instructions, but i ended up just sort of creating as i went and came up with these. i like to call them tootie and the blowfish:


next on my list is to felt a chickadee with a bell inside, the pattern found inside this book. i’ll let you know the results of all the toys, and hopefully how the kitties enjoy them at their founders day celebration!

4 thoughts on “preparation

  1. You’ll have a couple of completely contented kitties by the end of the day. They’ll just love these, can’t wait to see the photos

  2. um…tootie and the blowfish? So what, your niece is a cat toy now? Happy Ditta founders day…love them ditta babies. Here's to Fuzzy & Speedy, Wallace & Truman, Millie & I don't remember the other name we came up with.

  3. hy-larous. love the cat toys. i do have to say, when i saw that pic over on flickr, i had to wonder exactly what you were up to.. a bag of green dried plant material?? glad your creative endevor is legal.

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