bye bye j.t. snow [officially]

so chris, mr. dodgers/baseball fan extraordinaire, had organized a group of people for the giants/dodgers game on saturday. chris’ brothers came up from la/over from phoenix along with some other friends, and katie came from sacramento which made for quite a fun afternoon/evening!

i also had the privilege of getting to witness the official retirement of one of my all-time favorite ball players, j.t. snow. i always greatly admired him–he was a great athlete and always seemed like a really great guy all around. how could you not find it endearing while he blew bubbles with his gum during games, made all sorts of amazing catches (including falling over walls and into dugouts and still making the catch), and who could forget about the time he saved dusty baker’s son from getting run over in 2002?

from my mini build-up, you can probably get a sense of how much i like j.t. snow…and just how thrilled i was to learn that he would be officially retiring as a giant at a game i already had tickets to. the giants had him sign a contract for one day so he could retire from baseball on the team that was nearest and dearest to him. it was a little emotional for me because my good friend stacy was my baseball buddy, and we shared a love for j.t., but i was glad i got to see the event for the both of us. she was definitely in my heart and on my mind during the game. the giants lost, but i still had a really great evening. congratulations, j.t., i’m glad you finished as a giant.


One thought on “bye bye j.t. snow [officially]

  1. awww, you guys look great! good ole ballfield…good times there! can’t wait to be back in SF! one whole week in november, here we come!

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