sinusitis and other ramblings

well, i went to the doctor yesterday because, after speaking with my mom (mom’s always know best!) i realized i probably had a sinus infection (constant pressure headaches, ears popping, head feeling like it might explode, painful teeth, extreme congestion). i went to the doctor, and while she agreed that i probably had sinusitis, she felt it was viral and not bacterial. that means she gave me drugs to manage my symptoms as opposed to antibiotics (which i happen to be allergic to the first two they give you anyway) and man have the drugs worked wonders! i feel so much better–almost back to normal and i couldn’t be happier.

on another happy note, i love my job. as a person who constantly second guesses decisions after agonizing over them in the first place, it’s been wonderful to have no second thoughts, no regrets in making this big change. i truly feel like i was led to this decision–although i was scared to make it, i really felt like it was what i needed to do and i haven’t looked back since.

this year has been a year of change….i gained a spouse and 2 insane cats (they are running and sliding around the apartment as i type), moved across town, became/am becoming an aunt (that day is rapidly approaching and i couldn’t be more excited!), and most recently changed jobs (and that’s not even counting all the smaller changes that have occurred throughout the year). thank goodness it’s been a year for positive change–i had my fill of downers over the past few years, so these positive events are welcome. every day i am thankful for everything i have been blessed with.

well it’s about time to round up the cats and head to bed, but one final note–i can’t believe my precious little niece will be here so soon! it seems like finding out my sister was pregnant was just yesterday (sidenote: revisiting that post, i’m not sure if i ever corrected myself…her due date was moved to october 15 instead of october 5), yet so long ago at the same time. the last thirty-something weeks have pretty much been at least 85% consumed with baby thoughts/research/discussions, and so now i can’t wait to see her teeny toes and her teeny butt and her precious little nose and meet this new family member and hold her and spoil her rotten. this whole baby thing has completely put me in awe–it truly is the miracle of life. patootie, i can’t wait to meet you! i love her already…

One thought on “sinusitis and other ramblings

  1. tootie is truly blessed. I am so grateful that we have a family who is so excited to welcome her into the world…I apologize in advance for spit up and blown out diapers.

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