still sick

well, for some reason i just can’t seem to kick whatever i have, so i decided to stay in and rest all weekend. i had lofty plans to knit a bunch and then have all these fun things to show, but in reality it just…didn’t happen. i knitted, took it out, knitted, took it out, etc. i did finish one thing and almost finish something else, but i’ll post that when both are done.

anyway, being laid up has really made me appreciate my health. i know i take it for granted most of the time, but this week i have had my energy completely zapped–i go to the grocery store (1/2 a block away) and i’m spent. it’s been really frustrating because i’m drinking my fluids, resting, getting my vitamins, and it still just lingers. the worst part is i’ve also been trying to sleep it off, and i just can’t sleep–i wake up early, i can’t fall asleep when i lay down for a nap…my body is just not cooperating with me so i just have to be patient and let this thing take it’s (scenic route) course.

since i have been home, however, i’ve had lots of cat time, so of course i took a few pictures…

over morning coffee, a game of attack the pen
for some reason, he has taken to hanging out on the table, like it is his own personal pedestal
sunday morning biscuits, umbrellas and leaves for fall
within 30 seconds of brandon hanging this light, the cats realized they could reach it on their tippy toes (great)
brandon adjusting the light while stu supervises
brandon testing to make sure no one can reach, even on their tippy toes. success!
stu…still on the table

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