today began looking gloomy and overcast. here in sf it’s always a little iffy if the fog will burn off or if the gloom is here to stay–luckily today it turned out to be quite beautiful (if not a little windy). brandon and i headed downtown for a bit to run some errands and then came home to relax after yesterday’s busy day.


later in the afternoon, chris came over to hang out and have dinner. it was very sweet–he knew yesterday was stacy’s birthday so he brought me sunflowers. it was very thoughtful of him–thanks chris! we then started talking about funfetti and got a major craving–even though i just had funfetti yesterday at the shower. we ran over to the store and bought some, although now i think (after some research) that what i used to eat was maybe betty crocker rainbow chip? my funfetti was more of a chip/ball shape (as opposed to a sprinkle) and had cream cheese frosting with the chip things in it–not sprinkles. i had to get over the initial disappointment, but nonetheless the cupcakes were yummy! now it’s just time to relax for the evening and finish the newest episode of mad men…


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