oh saturday

hooray for saturday!

today began with sleeping in and then cleaning out my desk at my old office (since i’ve been setting up for slow food, i haven’t been in the office for 3 days, so i wasn’t able to do it before now). after that i walked downtown to meet up with brandon, and then we caught bart to pleasant hill, where we met up with my sister and brother-in-law. they then carted us out to my parents, where we all ate dinner, and then heard stories/saw pictures of my parents’ trip to france. it was a fantastic day, but definitely made me want to go back to france in a major way. some day soon i hope…

a walk in the city

somewhere in san francisco

dinner kebabs

dinner setup at my parents’ house

patootie’s baby book gift from morgan

more patootie gifts…barbapapas!

miss kitty’s mohawk…even at 18ish, she likes to be stylish

the cable car ride home

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