slow food day 3 [finished]

well, today was the final day of setup for slow food nation. i won’t post pictures of the finished pavilions because i don’t want to spoil the final designs (until after the event), but things look great! after a day of putting net/string on and hanging salami (which actually turned out to be pretty revolting, mainly due to the smell of 100 salumi at once), making chalk hoofprints on the floor, and doing general touch-up/cleaning things, we are finally done and our booth is together.

i will also take this moment to let everyone know that today was my last day on my current job. after 3 years at the same firm–and my first job out of college, i decided to make a change. i start my new job on tuesday and am really excited about it. it happened very quickly, and i didn’t want to say it until i was finished at the current place. i’m really looking forward to this new chapter here in san francisco. it will be another small firm, mainly residential, so that part will be similar, but the environment will be very different. it’s a brand new firm (about 3-4 months old) so there will be a lot of growth with the firm as it establishes itself.

anyway, back to slow food day 3…just a few pictures…




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