dining table [finally]

we have pretty much been looking for a dining room table since we got married. we went back and forth and looked at tons and tons and tons of tables and just couldn’t decide on one. i at last fell in love with this table (or the modern table on his website) but came to decide that, if i got that table now, the size would be dictated by our small space, so we might as well get a smaller breakfast nook type table now, and then we can get my dream table later. with that mindset, brandon found a table and showed it to me. we decided to go for it…it is simple, neutral, and functional. after a mix-up with the table top color, we now have the correct table and therefore our dining room is at last coming together. we also decided that, as long as chris was generously giving us a ride, we might as well get the desk i have been eying while we’re there. i just wanted something simple so our dining room could be transformed from hallway to office/dining. it of course needs tweaking, but we’re much closer than we were earlier. THANK YOU CHRIS! we owe you big time for the schlepping.

my helpers

clowning around…how can anyone take them seriously?


the result-in-progress

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