well, i’m back from portland and uploaded the photos! it was a pretty uneventful/relaxing weekend overall. we did a lot of sleeping, olympics watching, painting, and relaxing. i really enjoyed my time up there and hope i can spend more time there in the future. anyway, the weekend in photos….

waiting for our plane at sfo

brandon, day 1 of painting, starting with the high stuff

my painting project, primer coat (unfortunately i do not have the final result to show)

brandon’s fake disdain at me playing with our new toy

my genuine excitement over our new toy

self portrait, lunch with jenn

at pdx a little early, waiting for my flight

still waiting…

and waiting…

on the way to the airport i noticed a little lightening and some rain drops. i got dropped off, went inside, found a spot to sit with a nice view of outdoors and then…more lightening. and thunder. and BIG raindrops. and planes still taking off. it made me a little nervous, but hey, if the pilot is willing to fly…then the power goes out. it only half came back on and then they started making announcements about delays which, oddly enough, had nothing to do with the weather in portland but instead was due to a problem with air traffic control in san francisco. my flight was supposed to leave at 9:25am, but they made an announcement that we’d know something at 9:30. then it was 10:00. then we were going to leave at 10:59. then it was pushed back to 10:40 so we rapidly boarded. we got all settled, everyone strapped in, seats and tray tables in the upright position, and “hello passengers, this is your captain speaking.” apparently sfo was not ready for us and therefore pushed back our take-off another 50 minutes. we ended up leaving around 11:50 for a 1:15pm arrival. needless to say i was a little later for work than i had originally intended. oops.

anyway, i’m back home safe and sound. this evening i decided to play a little more with the camera and (surprise surprise) i used the cats as my subject. well, only stu because ben wasn’t cooperating.


and stu, yes, i notice you sitting there behind my wine with your paw casually on it…

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