winter? faaaaaaalse


coming home from work today all i could think about was getting bundled up in my fleece pants and a sweatshirt and curling up on the couch. on july 30. and no, i don’t live in the southern hemisphere where july means winter. yes, i do realize i live in san francisco, and i do know the famous quote supposedly from mark twain (i say supposedly because of this). it doesn’t stop me, however, from complaining. i thrive in heat, and this is a constant battle with brandon and i…brandon, who looks outside at this weather and says “it’s a glorious day!” which i promptly return with either a snarky look or a comment like “yeah, if it were january.” anyway, i just feel like i’m robbed of heat and sun and vitamin d, but i know it’s not forever.

on a happier note, stuart was playing in the faucet again and…he prompts me to constantly call him a ding-dong and ask why he’s such a goober all the time…i think you’ll see what i mean in these pictures…he just cracks me up always looking so serious!



oh cat

3 thoughts on “winter? faaaaaaalse

  1. You know what, you could have worn your bikini at my house yesterday and I would have given almost anything to need to wear fleece pants and a sweatshirt…next time you just come on over, you can even sunbathe by the pool.

  2. sure, i’ll be ‘mom’ and say “the grass is greener on the other side”…you can always move out here and find out that you are sweating in place you didn’t know would…
    i’ll take sweatshirts over sweat anyday 🙂

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