sneak peek

so today was a very long and exhausting, yet fun-filled day. it was finally the day to begin getting the baby room together. jen and josh were in tahoe so we decided to take the opportunity to kind of put it together while they were out. they knew we were doing it, but it’s still a bit of a surprise since they don’t know exactly what it will look like. we assembled the crib, painted [most of] the mural (josh had painted the room already), put up a shelf, and started to organize the room. the mural was frustrating because it was REALLY hot today in concord, so the paint was thickening really quickly. it didn’t end up quite as i had hoped, but it still looks good i think–i just need to do some touch-ups.

still to be done: finish & install the mobile, get the window replaced, touch up paint as a result of window replacement, touch up mural in general, hang curtain/valence, bring in rocking chair and adjust final furniture plan once rocker is in place. i’m only giving a sneak peak of the nursery because my sister hasn’t seen it yet, and i don’t want to reveal it to the masses before it’s revealed to her. more pictures soon to follow…

sneak peak

2 thoughts on “sneak peek

  1. I always loved getting the chldrens rooms ready. Have had some fun over the years as they have grown up doing different designs. Look forward to the big reveal

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