kitty sitter

i hate to use this to find a cat sitter, but right now it seems like the easiest way. we are going out of town two weekends in a row and are looking for a kitty lover to care for our attention-needing cats. yes, they are cats, but they are more like dogs when we go away–they start to get destructive from loneliness. they loooooooove people and attention and affection. so, if anyone is available either august 9-10 (we’re leaving friday night and coming back sunday afternoon, so it’d really only be saturday and sunday morning) or august 15-18 (this one is trickier–we leave thursday night so they’ll need care friday, saturday, sunday, and maybe monday morning if possible). for the longer weekend ideally i’d love to find someone who could spend a little more time with them–as i said, they get lonely (i know, isn’t this the point of having cats instead of dogs? being able to leave them?). you are welcome to stay in our apartment if you don’t live in the city and want a weekend getaway. we have cable, internet, and we are close to a lot in the city!

if you find yourself starving for some pet time or a weekend in the city, please email me:

this is aimed at people i actually know…sorry strangers, if you’re reading this thank you, but i’d prefer to leave my kitties in the hands of my nearest and dearest.

thanks for putting up with me using this as a cat-sitter finder!

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