games galore

this weekend was busy but VERY fun! it started out on friday night with an amazing coldplay concert. katie drove down from sacramento and joined up with chris, brandon and me for a trip to hp pavilion in san jose. it was a change from the normal concerts i go to–most of the shows i have gone to over the past few years have not been produced shows–it’s more just a band performing. this one, however, was complete with videos projected on giant orb type things and a shower of butterfly confetti. chris martin was much more personable than i expected him to be, and the concert was just amazing overall. they were very entertaining and made me swoon as always. *coldplay pictures courtesy of chris asuncion*

laser beams

viva la vida

out in the crowd

butterfly confetti (no, not leaves [brandon] and not bats [chris]…but thanks for trying)


on saturday we had a fun day at at&t park…

brandon with his game face on

chris has not learned to say no to temptation…just couldn’t pass up the nachos (mind you, this was AFTER a big bbq beef sandwich)

we met up with some college friends we hadn’t seen in a while and enjoyed the beautiful weather and baseball game. i have to confess that once everyone had arrived, i got to chatting and missed most of the last couple innings…ooops! oh well, it was great to catch up with friends i haven’t seen in a few years.

cabrinha studio reunion

we then walked from the ballpark to ghirardelli square to grab some delicious ice cream and then bussed out to the sunset to have a picnic at chris’ house. we got take-out chinese (that chris and i had been craving for months) and had some good old fashioned jenga and twister fun.

brandon contemplating his next move, hoping chris will knock it over in the meantime

shaky-handed chris being serious…a rare moment indeed

the demise of the most intense game of jenga EVER…katie and i thought the game was over about 10 minutes before it actually was…ridiculous. we have no idea how that tower held up as long as it did

and the game of twister…i was crying from laughing so hard pretty much the whole time

overall an exhausting but very fun weekend. this morning started out with breakfast at tartine for morning buns, croissants, and a scone. katie and i then ventured over to ikea to meet up with my sister to pick up some items for the baby’s rom. next weekend is going to be another busy/fun weekend when we start to put the baby’s room together. i can’t wait! jen and josh will be in tahoe while brandon and i put it together–it is sort of a “while you were out” idea, except they know we’re coming and they know the design…we just have a couple surprises they don’t know about. it should be fun! i hope it all comes together as i have it in my head.

One thought on “games galore

  1. Fun! I miss seeing CP peeps regularly, that is awesome ya’ll hang out semi-regularly- you lucky girl you. Also can’t wait to see the nursery progress!

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