winter wonderland

so today i picked up an oeuf lounger on craigslist for my sister from someone in san francisco, not too far from my office. when i got home the cats immediately needed to sniff it out…the directions say not to let a baby who can sit up on it’s own sit in the lounger….hmmm…


however, the lounger was the least of my issues. when i walked in, i was welcomed by, well, a scene




that’s right. my dining room was covered with…toilet paper. from a brand new pack. multiple rolls. wasted. luckily they only completely demolished one roll…





5 thoughts on “winter wonderland

  1. hahahah! that looks like my house when i leave mccovey by himself at home for too long! although instead of toliet paper it’s rocks and leaves and pine needles and whatever else he can find in the yard! =)

  2. ah…those boys. you definitely have your hands full. They need to meet their woodchucking cousin, Lola sometime. The three of them could create some serious havoc.

  3. I have pictures of my cats curled up asleep in one of those bouncers when my children were babies. Although they have attacked toilet rolls, they have never completely destroyed them. You certainly have your hands full

  4. oh my goodness…what bad kitties! i wait everyday for that to happen…right now it’s just pushing everything off every ledge…oh how we love em!

  5. Well, you do realize that when you are Tp’d it’s a sign of status.. They boys just wanted to let you know how really cool you both are. ahhahhhah

    We now know what to bring the boys back from France.
    papier hygiénique

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