lake tahoe

this weekend brandon and i went up to the cabin in tahoe to spend the 4th of july with my sister, brother-in-law, grandmother, aunt and uncle (with another uncle and cousin dropping in for a bit). it was so nice to get away and just pretty much do nothing.

the lake
back at the lake, finally

the boys on their kayaking adventure

illegal fireworks
illegal fireworks at one of the lake front cabins…they ended up being better than the ones across the way at southshore, mainly because we could hear them and they were right there…definitely the best illegal fireworks i’ve ever seen

on the beach
lounging at the beach…if only the whole summer was like this

baby’s first tahoe trip

taco feed
saturday night taco feed at the beach with the family

feeling patootie
pretty much standard procedure during the weekend…i kept wanting to feel the baby move (and she did not disappoint…she was movin’ and groovin’ all weekend)

the car ride home…it was sooooooo smokey!

overall we had a great time…i got to chat with family at a time that wasn’t crazy with holiday chaos, play washers, rest, sit on the beach, go on a boat and just relax! it was glorious…i want to go back.

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