crafty weekend

well, the san francisco summer has settled in on the city this weekend and that meant a perfect excuse to be able to work on some crafty things guilt-free. on saturday morning, brandon and i met up with my sister and her friend for some maternity clothes shopping (for my sister of course) and then brandon and i went to finally get my felting supplies to try out some things from my new felting book. i saw some red roving that inspired me for a mobile for the baby room. our first mobile idea didn’t have quite the right colors so i was excited when i thought of this…i just hope i can execute it.

once home, i began my first attempt at felting, which came out better than i thought it would. brandon and i sat on the bed, and he read the paper while i felted (and fought back the cats…they were very interested in “helping”). it was a really nice, relaxing way to spend saturday afternoon. so far i have two of the little birds finished for the potential mobile…i need to add an eye (i’m thinking a black bead) and i’m going to experiment with some wings. i haven’t decided whether or not i’ll add them…


after that we threw on some nicer clothes and went out to dinner for a “date.” we rarely go out to a special dinner (the last time was new year’s eve) and it happened to coincide with 8 months of marriage, so we decided it was especially appropriate. it’s so nice to just go out and enjoy a meal and talk–we always seem to have really great life discussions out at dinner. i am so thankful that after 4 years together i still have as much to talk about with him and laugh just as much as i did when we first started dating.

between saturday night and sunday afternoon, i decided to finish up more of the onesies–i am notorious for starting many projects and not finishing any of them (for example. our bedroom door which has been half-painted for months). here are the latest additions to the onesie series–i only have one left to go:

glub glub glub detail

kitty onesie

overall it was a pretty productive weekend, craft-wise, and very enjoyable! i am very excited about the felted bird mobile–i hope it turns out! the red will be a perfect accent for the baby’s room.

One thought on “crafty weekend

  1. OH MY GOSH…I LOVE the FISH! What a gift to be related to such a crafty/creative person. Those little birdies are so cute.

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