warm weather makes me happy

whew! how much do i LOVE the heat? if san francisco had summers like thursday-saturday, i think i could settle here forever. the summer warmth and sun really do improve my mood.

anyway, on friday night my parents came into the city for dinner (which we ate OUTSIDE because it was so warm), and then came over to our apartment (aka the toaster…we can’t open our windows more than a couple inches because of the cats, so you can imagine how toasty it gets). we hung around for a little while before the parents headed home. then i got an IM from sara, and we decided to have a mini ice cream social on the roof. we had our frozen treats and then laid on the roof and talked and watched the stars and clouds for a few hours before sara headed back. i was in pants and a tank top. in san francisco. from 10pm-midnight. no jacket in sight. i was in heaven. warm summer nights are one of my absolute favorite things, and i rarely get them , so it was a real treat for me. we actually saw some shooting stars and some unidentified flying objects, although i will not claim ufo…

friday night sunset

saturday morning started off with iced coffee, sunglasses, and a summer dress–it doesn’t get much better! brandon and i headed out to the new contemporary jewish museum that just opened up. i am so excited for san francisco to be getting on the map architecturally. between the de young, academy of sciends, and jewish museum, things are getting more exciting here. the museum was smaller than i expected, but it was actually a good size–very manageable. it had some interesting exhibits, and overall i enjoyed the space. it’s easy to be nit-picky and critical, but my conclusion is that it’s a great addition to the city. on a sidenote, for those of you who went to carondelet, i saw ms. tuft and ms. benicasa (or however you spell it) at the museum. it made me giggle.







saturday night the fog and cold air rolled in, so i woke up to a windy, cold sunday morning. while i was not happy with the turn of the weather, it did make it easier to stay in and clean and do the things that actually needed to get done. we were able to do some deep cleaning, as well as some painting/crafts. overall, a nice weekend that was over too soon…

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