architecture [nerd]

yeah yeah yeah, i am an architecture nerd but i embrace it. we are trying to figure out a space plan for the nursery, and so i decided to have some fun in handy dandy autocad and draft up the initial idea. things might get changed around with the addition of a toy box (from our childhood), which might delete another piece of furniture (namely the ikea storage unit, which would actually be okay if we actually installed some shelves as i’ve shown on the elevations…don’t mind me, i’m thinking this out as i type). actually, it might be fun to customize the old toy box…we’ll see how adventurous i get. i get creative leave from work, right? to implement the nursery?

anyway, the plan…

north elevation (i actually have no idea which way is north, i’m just going off north being up on the plan that i drew)

east elevation (going around the room clockwise)

south elevation

west elevation

it’s not exactly set which walls will be painted, or if all of them will be. it also hasn’t been decided which wall the “mural” will be on, although currently i’m leaning towards the wall behind the rocking chair and the cub station (east elevation). we’ll see! the bedding arrived and is very cute (i have yet to see it in person) but i think the blue is going to be a bit too bold to paint the entire room, so it’s going to be the challenge to find the right shade/saturation of the color to paint. also, i know some of the walls look a little bare, but keep in mind there will be a rocking chair in the corner (which i didn’t extend my nerdiness to attempt in elevation), books and things on the shelves, and a mobile above the crib to spice things up.

3 thoughts on “architecture [nerd]

  1. Drawing up your future niece’s nursery is not nerdish…

    …going for a romantic walk through the old neighborhood with your wife and ending up at Stanley Saitowitz’s new Jewish Temple, critiquing the details over ice cream is architecture [nerdish].

    Recently found you guys through Natalie. It’s been a lot like back in lab wandering from studio to studio seeing everyone’s project. I’m glad I can still see other people’s work.

  2. Think about how the room will be used and evolve- it might end up being easier to have the rocker under the shelves for easier transfer of baby to the crib (I have found the closer the better) and as she gets older, the rocker can get moved out and the chest can go under the window, which would make a great play area. An alternative could be to have the crib where the changing table is but turn it short side to the wall, with the mural behind it and enough space to access the crib from either side (who says it has to be flat against the wall??) and move the changing station to the space between closet and door and put the shelf/chest and rocker under the floating shelves. Just some thoughts you may have already thrown out. Also- what are the window coverings like? The crib might be a little close to things like ties or blinds strings which can be a strangulation hazard once she can stand and reach out the crib to grab at them. Looking great!!

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