this weekend was (finally) our trip to bend, or to see the mates of state, the decemberists and death cab for cutie. we had an amazing time! we took off friday night after work and drove up to redding, where we spent the night (and that is where the rain began). the next day we continued on up through california into oregon–it was so beautiful! i love the urban and cities, but occasionally it’s great just to see such beautiful natural landscape. we saw snow-dusted mountains, valleys, forests, it was just amazing.

we arrived in bend, ate, checked into the hotel, and then got bundled up for the concert (although not enough). mind you, most of this time it was raining. and we were going to an outdoor concert. we arrived at the gates a little before 4:30 (when they opened) and as i was grabbing blankets from the car i see a flash and then hear the following kaboom! rumble rumble….that’s right, a nice thunderstorm. while i love thunderstorms, i prefer them from an indoor, safe spot as opposed to outdoors in the open. it was interesting attempting to stay dry, but the thunderstorms did pass, and about an hour later (when the first band finally started) the rain ceased and we spent a wonderful (muddy and freezing, but wonderful) evening listening to amazing music! colin meloy even traipsed through the crowd and ending up walking right by us (and stepping on brandon’s foot). the concert did not disappoint!

on sunday we woke up around 9, packed up, hit dutch bros. coffee and then got on the road….again. we made the trip back in one shot (broken up by a stop at a pizza parlor and a driver switch). it was a long car ride but not as bad as i had thought it would be. it was a whirlwind trip, but well worth it!

and now, some pictures…

learning to embroider in redding

the rain

the crew

the scenery

“and all the stars were crashing ’round as i laid eyes on what i found…”

the mountains

and home

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